Why Air Conditioners Break

1. It’s not prepared for the race

Marathon runners understand the rigorous demands of marathon running. So they train hard far before they get to the starting line.

So you should do the same to prepare your air conditioner before summer gets into full swing here in Phoenix.

Solution: In our article on how to prepare your air conditioner for the summer heat, we suggest you should:

Once you prep your air conditioner, it’s much more likely to get through the summer without any issues! Or you can find an air conditioning technician. Our best technician was with local texas company


2. It overheats

When marathon runners overheat, there’s a huge strain on their heart, putting them in danger. So they need to know the signs of overheating to avoid harming themselves.

Air conditioners can also overheat. When they do, they usually trip the circuit breaker. But many homeowners will just flip the circuit switch back on without another thought.

Big mistake. If this gets to bad you will need a full replacement 

The circuit breaker’s job is to protect your home and appliances by shutting off the flow of electricity when the current flow gets too high. If it keeps tripping, something needs to be fixed. Otherwise you could cause your air conditioner to break down from constantly overheating.

Solution: Read our article on the what causes your air conditioner to trip the circuit breaker to prevent it from overheating.

3. It’s close to retirement

Age takes its toll for even the fittest marathon runners. So at some point they have to retire.

The same goes for your air conditioner. Maybe in it’s prime your air conditioner could make it through the summer without a hitch. But when it gets to 10-15 years old, the chances of it breaking down are much higher.

And what if it breaks down and it’s too expensive to repair? Now you need a new system and you’re in a rush to:

  1. Find the right air conditioner
  2. Find a licensed contractor to install it
  3. Get financing to pay for the new unit analyisis 
  4. Have the air conditioner installed

You don’t want to figure all that out while you don’t have central cooling in the middle of a super hot Phoenix summer, right?

Solution: Prepare for the worst. Be pro-active! And get to know your local air conditioning repair man

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